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Oculaire Takahashi Erfle 28mm

# TKA00611-V


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Technische specificaties:  © Copyright takahashi.be

The 28 Er is designed to be a light weight high performance eyepiece. It features anti-reflection multi coatings to control flare and ghosting. True to the original 5-element design, the viewer is presented with a flat field of view of 60°degrees across. Weighing a little less than 5 oz. the eyepiece is a light weight for a wide field eyepieces and can be easily used with turret holders and has been designed to be par focal with the Takahashi Abbe Series.

  • Type d'entrée mécanique Coulant 1.25''
  • Classe de focale de l'oculaire 25 mm - 30 mm
  • Champ apparent de l'oculaire 50° - 65°
  • Longueur focale de l'oculaire 28 mm
  • Champ apparent de l'oculaire 60°
  • Relief d'oeil de l'oculaire 20 mm

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