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ZWO EAF ( Electronic Automatic Focuser)

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ZWO EAF ( Electronic Automatic Focuser)

Introducing the new EAF, the latest innovation from the engineers at ZWO. This electronic focuser enables precise, dynamic focus control for planetary and deep-sky imaging.


  • Highly integrated design
  • Support ASCOM platform and various ASCOM-compatible third-party software
  • Support INDI
  • Support original software such as ASIAIR and ASICAP
  • Support automatic focusing
  • Support handle controller and manual focusing
  • Support temperature sensor
  • USB HID device and drive-free
  • Stable and durable
  • Standard Version: EAF body, flexible coupling, motor bracket, USB2.0 cable.

Support list:

  • SkyWatcher Astrophotography Reflectors, SkyWatcher Black Diamond, SkyWatcher Dobsonians, SkyWatcher Maksutov-Newtonians.
  • SharpStar telescopes,
  • SkyRover telescopes,
  • TS Optics,
  • Astro Tech,
  • Feather Touch


  • Size: 59mm x 52mm x 41mm
  • Moter: Step moter, 35mm diameter, 5760 steps to rotate a circle.
  • Power port: 12V DC 5.5mm x 2.1mm, center positive
  • Data port: USB2.0 port
  • Weight: 277g
  • Capacity: 5kg

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