MindShift BackLight 36L photo daypack

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The new Mindshift BackLight® 36L Photo Daypack is available in two colours: "Charcoal" and "Woodland Green". The BackLight 36L has an additional 11 litre front pocket for personal items, including a specially made pocket for a 10" tablet or a 15" Macbook laptop. Even with the additional 10 litres of capacity, the total size is still allowed on many international flights and under U.S. carry-on regulations. Despite its 36L capacity, the backpack is still very comfortable to carry, partly due to its relatively low weight of 2.2 kilo.

Suitable for   

  • 2x gripped DSLR with lenses attached and with 4-6 standard lenses - flash - 15" laptop - 10" tablet - largest fitting lens 600mm

Dimensions and weight

  • Width 35 cm
  • Height 57 cm
  • Depth 26 cm
  • Width inside 32 cm
  • Inside height 54 cm
  • Depth inside 18 cm
  • Laptop compartment width 29 cm
  • Laptop compartment height 41 cm
  • Laptop compartment depth 2.5 cm
  • Weight 2.2 kg