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Sevenoak Gimbal Swing Panorama Head SK-GH07

The Sevenoak Gimbal Swing Panorama Head SK-GH07 allows you to freely move your still camera and/or video camera or spotting scope. The SK-GH07 is made of durable aluminium alloy and weighs only 1.918 kg.
The Gimbal Swing is also ideal for use in combination with a spotting scope. 

The panorama head is equipped with a switch plate with a mounting sled that can be adjusted forwards and backwards. Cameras and/or spotting scopes can be mounted on it by means of the ¼" screw thread. On the underside of the Gimbal Swing, there is a ⅜" thread for mounting it on a tripod. An adapter nipple is supplied for use with equipment that has a ⅜" thread.

The change plate can be easily removed from the panorama head, making changing a snap. Changing is even easier with the optional Sevenoak Switch Plate (see optional accessories).

Application Sevenaok Gimbal Swing Panorama Head SK-GH07

The Sevenoak Gimbal Swing allows you to create a Panorama image by shooting multiple images while rotating the camera (in all directions), always keeping the same position of the camera. This means that the photos match up perfectly. When the Gimbal Swing is used in combination with a video camera, smooth movements can be achieved which are almost impossible without the Gimbal Swing.

  • Load capacity: 10kg

Delivery includes:

  • 1x Sevenoak Gimbal Swing Panorama Head SK-GH07
  • 1x Bottom plate
  • 1x Switching plate (15x4,3cm)
  • 1x ¼" to ⅜" screw
  • 1x Key
  • 1x Grant card
  • 1x User manual

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