Takahashi EM-400 Temma-2Z montering

# TTM64000
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Technische specificaties:  © Copyright takahashi.be

De Takahashi EM-400 Temma 2Z is een zeer nauwkeurige, prachtig ontworpen Duitse equitoriale houder die geschikt is voor belastingen tot 35kg. De montering is uitgerust met het Temma 2Z besturingssysteem, dat PC GOTO-functionaliteit en nauwkeurige bediening mogelijk maakt met behulp van de meegeleverde handcontroller.

  • RA/DEC motors, illuminated polar finder and ring level,
  • encoders (maximum speed for motors : with 12V 500X)
  • TTM64010 EM-400 Temma-2Z mount
  • TTT02100 Pegasus 21 (remote control software for PC)
  • TRS02320 PC connector
  • TCW02500 Counterweight 8Kg X 2

With a loading capacity of 35 kg, the EM-400 equatorial mount is placed between the JP-Z and the EM-500 but with the ergonomics of the EM-200. Composed of 3 dismountable parts, it is easier to transport and more rapid to implement that the JP-Z. Moreover, integration of the electronic parts inside keeps safely all the fragile elements. It is ideal for the itinerant observers wishing to take advantage of their optical tubes under the best night skies, like for instance TOA-150 refractor or Mewlon-250 reflector.

The EM-400 is equipped with the Temma-2 automatic pointing system, controllable by computer. It is compatible with the majority of the software used by the astronomers amateurs (via the ASCOM interface, for example), whether it is Windows, MacOSX or Linux operating systems.

Whatever your optical tube, your assembly or your astronomical field of predilection are, the Takahashi EM-400 EQ mount will answer your waiting

Technische specificaties:  © Copyright takahashi.be
  • Spec.    EM-400 Temma-2
  • Type    German Equatorial Mount
  • R.A. slow-motion    Motor driven
  • DEC. slow-motion    Motor driven
  • Azimuth adjustment    ± 10° 
  • Elevation adjustment    with ML altitude wedge: 0° to 50° with HL altitude wedge : 15° to 55° (default version for Europe)
  • Polar finder / Accuracy    Built-in / 2'
  • R.A. setting circles accuracy    No setting circles
  • DEC. setting circles accuracy    No setting circles
  • Encoders    Included
  • Weight    Main block : 22.5 kg
  • Altitude wedge : 5.2 kg
  • Total weight (with counterweight shaft) : 29.5 kg
  • Counterweights    2 x 8kg
  • Maximal loading capacity    35 kg (without counterweight)
  • Optimal loading capacity    20 kg (without counterweight)
  • Operating voltage    12V / 24V DC
  • Power consumption    @12VDC : 0.5/0.7A (NS, sidereal rate and tracking speed) ; 1.6A (HS, pointing speed)
  • @24VDC : 0.4/0.9A (NS, sidereal rate and tracking speed) ; 1.4A (HS, pointing speed)
  • Standby mode : 0.1A
  • Tube mounting    Flat base with 4 x M10 et 2 x M8 screws
  • Mounting capacities    Tube rings, plates and dovetail mounting plates
  • Option    Tripods, stand piers
  • Mecanical specifications
  • Spec.    EM-400 Temma-2
  • R.A. axis diameter (material)    40 mm (steel)
  • R.A. worm gear shaft diameter (material)    20 mm (steel)
  • R.A. gear diameter (material)    150 mm/180 teeth (bronze)
  • DEC. axis diameter (material)    40 mm (steel)
  • DEC. worm gear shaft (material)    20 mm (steel)
  • DEC. gear diameter (material)    150 mm/180 teeth (bronze)
  • Motor Drive Specifications
  • Spec.    EM-400 Temma-2
  • Type    Temma-2
  • Stepper motor accuracy    50 pps
  • Slow motion speeds    R.A. : 0.1x to 1.9x sidereal rate
  • DEC. : ± 1.5' to 13.5' (by increment of 1.5'/sec)
  • High speed mode    12V. : 250x sidereal rate (R.A.), ± 1°/sec (DEC.)
  • 24V. : 500x sidereal rate (R.A.), ±2°/sec (DEC.)
  • Worm gear shaft cycle    8 minutes
  • Tracking accuracy    ± 5"
  • Autoguiding    SBIG compatible (mini-DIN PS2 connector)
  • PC connectivity    RS-232C serial port (with S-VHS to DB-9 cable)

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