CLS-CCD filter, Canon Full Frame

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The Optolong CLS-CCD filter will boost contrast and increase visibility of faint outer regions on most emission nebulae, planetary nebulae, and supernova remnants from light polluted areas when photographed with a color imaging camera.

The infrared wavelength of 700-1100nm is cut off on the Optolong CLS-CCD Filter, making it different from the standard CLS filter and rendering the CLS-CCD a photographic filter only. There is no need to use a separate IR-cut filter when imaging with the CLS-CCD, because the IR has already been cut.

The Optolong CLS-CCD filter works by selectively reducing the transmission of light pollution wavelengths, especially artificial light pollution caused by high and low pressure sodium vapor and mercury vapor lights. Using a CLS-CCD filter will also increase contrast by reducing the skyglow caused by naturally occurring neutral oxygen emissions in our atmosphere.

  • Schott B260 substrate material from Germany, 2.0mm thick
  • CNC machined and black anodized aero-metal filter cell that is ultra-thin to provide largest clear aperture; Laser-engraved to prevent fading
  • Multiple layers of anti-reflection non-cementing coatings applied via electron-beam gun evaporation with Ion-assisted deposition