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183MM-PRO refroidie (monochrome) 20.1mp

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The cooled ZWOptical ASI183MM uses the modern SONY Exmor R BSI IMX183 monochrome sensor. With about 20 million pixels, this camera belongs to the large CMOS astro cameras. Due to the pixel size of only 2.4 µm, the resolution of the camera is sensational. With this, the ASI183 becomes attractiv especially for sharp and fast telescopes.

One of the outstanding features of the ASI183 is the sensational light sensitivity. The QE of 84%, due to the BACK ILLUMINATION technology, and the very low amplifier glow make the camera very well suited for all astronomical applications, but above all for deep-sky astrophotography.

Due to the absence of the Bayer mask, the monochrome camera is more sensitive than the color version. With L-RGB filters, you can nonetheless create fascinating color images of the universe. We recommend bW cameras especially for light-polluted skies, for example close to towns. With suitable filters, like nebula filters, you can select the light of deep-sky objects very well. Suitable filter wheels can be found in the accessories section.


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